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Majesty is overrated by magicia Majesty is overrated :iconmagicia:magicia 1 0
You're an Umbran Harry! CH8
“So you’re the famous Harry Potter eh?”
Harry eyed the older student that was staring at him expectantly. “I suppose I am. I’ve never gone by any other name after all.” This wasn’t strictly true, but the other students wouldn’t know that. Jeanne had cooked up more than one identity for Harry over the years, though most were benign.
“So what in the name of Merlin are you doing in our house?” The student demanded.
Harry shrugged. “It’s what that hat wanted. He eyed the wall behind the student. “Though I gotta say, if a magic wall is the extent of this house, then I’m definitely not impressed.”
The other boy flinched. “How did you-“
Harry cut him off. “It’s rattling, which if I remember the history book right, means it wants the password in the next minute or it’ll drop you down a trapdoor.”
The older boy whipped around and snapped out, “Fai
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Feathers and Snowflakes
The day of love was fast approaching, and most of the divine pantheon was getting into the spirit of things. At least Jack Frost thought so.
Roughly two weeks before the day, he met the Goddess of Love face to face for the first time. She had apparently come to confer with Lady Palutena, as it seemed that more of the humans tended to pray to her rather than the love deity. (This was clearly something that vexed her, though she hid it well, only saying that it made it more difficult when they took their love problems to someone else.)
Aphrodite it seemed, was an effervescent sort, as she pounced on Jack almost as soon as she realized who he was. “Jack Frost! Darling!” She enveloped him in a hug that immediately had him trying very hard not to freeze her in retaliation. He doubted Lady Palutena would have approved. “Goodness! I’ve been wanting to meet you for ages!”
Free of her arms, Jack took a moment to compose himself. Somewhat shakil
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You're an Umbran Harry! chapter 6
“Dear Mister Potter, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” He examined the envelope, which had been brought by an exhausted looking owl. Said owl was currently keeled over on the back of the living room sofa, wings akimbo. Harry was fairly certain that if it could, it would have been panting. “I didn’t apply.”
Bayonetta sauntered out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of water. She plucked the owl off the sofa and put it on a table, placing the water in front of it. The owl gave a low hoot and began to drink. Stroking its feathers gently, she pursed her lips. “Apparently you didn’t have to. From what Luka says, your name has been down ever since you were born. According to him, your birth parents were magical themselves, just not like us.”
She cast a glance at the large portrait hanging on one wall. It showed a redheaded woman and a man with very messy black hair. She had gott
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You're an Umbran Harry! chapter 7
“Platform nine and three quarters? What kinda magic shit is that?”
Harry shrugged. “That’s what the ticket says Uncle Enzo.”
Enzo shrugged and flicked his cigar into the ashtray, dislodging a slew of ash. “Eh whatever. Guess the magic carpets all have holes in them or something.”
“Actually those are supposedly illegal in Europe.” Jeanne had procured a book full of wizarding laws while in Diagon Alley, and had been reading it ever since they got home. She squinted at the page. “Says they’ve been banned since eighteen twenty-two.” She frowned. “Apparently it’s still legal to curse ugly muggles though.”
Enzo shuddered. “If they’re anything like your curses, I don’t think I wanna know.”
Bayonetta scoffed and took a sip of her wine. “We’re special cases and you know it.”
Enzo shrugged. “Yeah fine. So, I’ll fly you witches into Lond
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You're an Umbran Harry! Ch5
"Now remember sweetie, we'll be right here in case anything happens alright?"
Harry swallowed and nodded as Jean stepped back behind him. "Yes, Aunt Jeanne."
Next to her, Luka leaned toward Bayonetta. "Are you sure he's ready for this?"
She frowned. "Technically speaking, no one really is." She whispered. "A picture in a book is one thing. Seeing them in the flesh is quite another."
Harry started chanting, a strange wind whipping through the air. Luka felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. "How does this work anyway? Do you actually pick one?"
Bayonetta shook her head. "It's more a search for an Infernal that you'll share a rapport with."
Furniture began to rattle and a vortex slowly began to open, tendrils of red energy spiraling out into the air.
There was a pause, and then a strange, spherical looking creature with an oddly shaped head rose through the portal.
Bayonetta hissed something in Enochian and drew back her fist. "A Malicious!"
Before she could act however, a gigantic
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Child of light 4: Medusa
The next day dawned strangely dark. Though she didn't say it, Jack could tell that Lady Palutena was worried. She kept casting glances at the sky and eventually retreated into a room of her temple that housed what appeared to be a giant crystal pool in an urn of sorts.
"Through this pool, I can watch over the entire world Jack." She smiled slightly. "It's how I found you." She frowned. "Now however, I can sense that something is wrong. Something is stirring, and I'm trying to find out what."
The pool shimmered and turned purple. Palutena took a step back in surprise. "You needn't look too far." The voice was dark and feminine.
Palutena's expression darkened. "Medusa!"
Jack leaned over the lip of the pool and caught sight of a very pale face with purple eyes sneering at them. The eyes narrowed when they spotted Jack, and the face drew back, revealing itself to be female. To Jack's surprise, the black hair was interspersed with snakes, one of them a bright gold.
"And just who might you b
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You're an Umbran Harry! Ch 4
"Happy Birthday darling!" Bayonetta set the large cake that Enzo's wife had made down on the table, the giant candle in the shape of the number five blazing merrily. "Blow out the candle and make a wish!"
Jeanne, Luka, Enzo, and Bayonetta all clapped as the flame blew out. Harry laughed as a camera flash went off. "Aunt Jeanne!"
Jeanne giggled and waved the camera about. "Sorry sweetie! Have to have a picture of the birthday boy on his birthday, its tradition!"
Bayonetta glanced at the other three photos on the wall. The one for his second birthday depicted a rather large mess with a hugely grinning baby in a high-chair. Harry had still been at the stage where food was both a toy and nourishment. The resultant explosion of cake and other foods had taken several hours to clean up, though only because Jeanne had started a full-fledged food fight. Luka had proved to be a fairly good shot. The other two pictures were much less messy, and more traditional.
Luka cut the cake and started serv
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You're an Umbran Harry! ch3
“Hey.” Luka’s friendly greeting meant one of two things. Either he had had all the facts calmly explained to him, or he was too frightened of Rodin to protest. Given Rodin’s usual less than talkative demeanor, Bayonetta was betting on the latter. “This the kid you stole?”
Inwardly Bayonetta sighed. Definitely the latter then. Aloud, she said. “I didn’t steal anything. This time anyway. He was freely given.”
“Uh huh. How much of that was from you being intimidating?”
She shrugged. “Not much. His aunt seemed quite glad to be rid of him.”
“Rodin said he’s got someone else’s soul in him.”
She nodded and put Harry down on her lap, handing him one of the new toys she had bought, a large stuffed cat. Harry cooed happily and enthusiastically began to chew on one large ear. Smiling, she said, “That’s why we’re here today. Rodin seemed confident he could remov
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Mature content
You're an Umbran Harry! ch 2 :iconmagicia:magicia 1 0
You're an Umbran Harry!
The night was cold, wet, and absolutely filled with Applauds and Affinities. Bayonetta grinned. "My, my! This is my kind of party! You boys are certainly out in force! What's got you lot all hot under the collar?"
The lower ranking Paridisians didn't usually speak to her, but to her surprise, one of the ones near her did. In its strange garbled language it said, "The balance of power has shifted, and the chosen is corrupted."
She rolled her eyes. "Oh, not that shit again." She readied her guns.
The Applaud let out a garbled shout and swung its staff at her.
Bayonetta's smile turned feral. "Let's dance boys!"
Idly twirling one of her newly acquired halos, Bayonetta wandered down the street. She had come to England as a favor to Rodin, who said that the boys downstairs were getting very antsy over the place.
Judging by the sheer number of Paradiso angels she'd encountered so far, the concerns were justified. Not to mention the odd sights she'd seen. There had been a deluge of shooting st
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Out of the deep by magicia Out of the deep :iconmagicia:magicia 0 0
Child of Light: Viridi
The next morning, Jack was awakened from the most restful sleep he’d had in perhaps thirty years by Pit knocking on the door.
The ever cheerful angel led him back to the dining hall saying, “Viridi’s here already, and she’s eager to meet you.”
“She knew about this in advance?”
Pit frowned. “Well no. Lady Palutena asked to her to visit, and as soon as she found out it was about a nature spirit, Viridi was more than willing to come by.” He paused. “She can be kind of prickly most of the time, but she can be really nice when she wants to be.”
He opened the doors to the dining hall and led him in.
Viridi turned out to be as interested in Jack as Lady Palutena, though perhaps for different reasons. The blonde goddess rose from her seat at the table and practically glided across the room, toting a rather wicked looking staff. While Jack was trying to decide if it reminded him more of a scythe or a bird’s head, Viri
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Child of Light: Palutena
“Pit, Pittoo-“
Don’t call me that.”
“Well if you’d think of a name for yourself I wouldn’t have to.”
As Pittoo grumbled something, Pit spoke up. “What is it, Lady Palutena?”
The woman smiled. “We will be having a guest shortly. Treat him with respect.”
“Who’s the guest?”
Palutena smiled again. “His name is Jack Frost, and he’ll be staying with us for a while at the very least.”
Pit blinked. “That ice guy you’ve been watching?”
The green haired goddess nodded. “Yes. His proper title is Spirit of Winter however, so do try and remember it.”
A bright flash of light erupting from the dais in the center of the room prevented her from further elaboration.
“And here he is!”
Jack blinked away spots and looking up, found the source of the voice to be a green haired woman that appeared to be vaguely Greek, at least
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The Beginning
It had been over seventy years. Seventy years of emptiness and silence, from all but the wind.
It was enough to make anyone lose hope.
Jack found himself standing on a branch, staff in hand, gazing up at the moon.
“Why?” He waved the staff about for emphasis. “Why am I here?”
The moon remained silent. As always.
Jack scowled and lowered his staff. “Why do I even try?”
  “Because you still hope.”
Jack jerked his head up. “What?”
Jack wasn’t sure if it was a command, or a statement. He supposed it was the former however, when he suddenly found himself in the middle of a kind of spotlight.
Turning on the branch, he found himself facing a strange sort of symbol in the sky. Looking rather like a floating bull’s-eye with several teardrops warping away from it, it seemed to pulse as he stared at it.
Then quite suddenly there was a spectral face sta
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Pollinator by magicia Pollinator :iconmagicia:magicia 0 0

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I'm his biggest fan
I love him like no other
I wish he'd see that.
He's beautiful
A Helen of Troy, but male
Good thing I'm not straight.
Great and powerful
I will never equal him
I wouldn't want to.
His gaze does something
Golden eyes pull me closer
Just like a magnet.
He is a monster
A mean thing with scales and fangs
I really don't care.
I can't break away
He has me in his grasp, now
I don't want to leave.
It sure seems hopeless
Waiting for him to love me
But still, I'll chase him.
For his attention
For him to look at me once
I'd give anything.
He is quite foolish
Fickle, hyper, I hate him
Or so I insist.
Red, white, orange, and black
Colors of my admirer
So unique, they are.
Those red eyes of his
With such passion, they burn me
How can I resist?
Skin white as the snow
Like from a quaint fairy tale
I will be his prince.
That strange hair of his
Such a shame he uses gel
I'd love to touch it.
'Evil boy genius'
Such a frivolous title
'Consort' suits him best.
His mind is
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The Adventures of Matilda V by thriftyredhead The Adventures of Matilda V :iconthriftyredhead:thriftyredhead 3 0
Star Wars Playlist Quest
We were rollin' in "Fett's Vette" when all of a sudden we were being chased by the "Paparazzi." He drove me down to the marina where Han yelled, "I'm On A Boat!" I took off for the boat and Boba just took off with his backpack jets. We were hell bent on "Stayin' Alive." I jumped on the boat and we sailed off. It was Han, me and Leia. We were all just chillin' below deck and Han put some music on and went to fix some drinks. I asked Leia if she wanted to dance and she replied, "I Don't Feel Like Dancing." So we played cards instead. Leia's "Poker Face" was "So Hott." After losing to Leia like four times, Han changed the CD and yelled "Let Me See Your Hips Swing!" I think he was trying to get her to dance. Then I yelled "Where's the "Single Ladies" at?!" The Han looked at me and told me to quit being such a "Dick In A Box." That kinda made me mad, but whatever. He was just being a jerk.
We finally got to land and went into the nearest town, Memphis. We were walking down the main street a
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I work in retail. Those of you who know me and where i work, (You know who you are) will not be surprised that once again, something unusual happened there today.

It seems that both my best and worst memories tend to have their footholds there.

Today's was certainly not a good one, but I wouldn't rank it as bad either exactly. We'll go with food for thought.

A customer happened to see a gay couple at the store kiss.

I myself am not a big fan of PDA, though this was quite tame. Thus, aside from perhaps a token expression, I pretty much ignored it. (Which I would have anyway. I'm not the type to come up and air my opinion to perfect strangers about their behavior when its something as simple as a little kiss.)

The customer however, must have seen my expression, because she remarked to me, "Those Gay and Bisexual demons have no place in God's world." Apparently she was under the entirely mistaken impression she was speaking to a kindred spirit. (And also had no idea I worked there, I no longer need to dress the part when not on the clock.)

I like to consider myself fairly even tempered. Easy enough to aggravate, (Who isn't one way or another?) but slow to truly infuriate. But I have to admit, that statement struck a nerve.

I responded with, "And yet they are allowed to be born, exist, have sex, have children, and make families without being smited by a bolt out of the heavens."

The customer responded, "They are guarded by Satan's might."

"Are you really trying to tell me that you think Satan is mightier than God?"

Things degenerated after that (On her end) and I just walked away.

It did give me pause, that in this day and age, where Love and Tolerance are supposedly the words of the future, that there can exist such a level of hatred amongst us for one of our own kind. Whatever we do, we are still human beings, unless something changed recently that I'm not aware of. Whatever we have dangling betwixt our legs (or not) doesn't change that.

It is in our nature to leave the family we grew up with to start our own. What difference does it make if it's with another man or woman? If we're happy with who we are and what we have, that's all that really matters, or so I've always thought.

Honestly people, we're stuck on this planet together anyway, let's try to get along. Something tells me that's all the big man up there isreally trying to get us to do.


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United States
I am a major nut about Photography, and take many pictures. In my spare time (Whatever that is) I also write.

I am also an administrator on the site Potions and, a Harry/Snape Gen fiction archive, which focuses on the non slash relationships between the two.

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