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"Now remember sweetie, we'll be right here in case anything happens alright?"

Harry swallowed and nodded as Jean stepped back behind him. "Yes, Aunt Jeanne."

Next to her, Luka leaned toward Bayonetta. "Are you sure he's ready for this?"

She frowned. "Technically speaking, no one really is." She whispered. "A picture in a book is one thing. Seeing them in the flesh is quite another."

Harry started chanting, a strange wind whipping through the air. Luka felt the hair on the back of his neck rise. "How does this work anyway? Do you actually pick one?"

Bayonetta shook her head. "It's more a search for an Infernal that you'll share a rapport with."

Furniture began to rattle and a vortex slowly began to open, tendrils of red energy spiraling out into the air.

There was a pause, and then a strange, spherical looking creature with an oddly shaped head rose through the portal.

Bayonetta hissed something in Enochian and drew back her fist. "A Malicious!"

Before she could act however, a gigantic hand erupted from the portal and snatched up the Infernal. It squeezed, causing it to let out a shriek. There was a gush of blood and the Malicious crumpled to the ground, dissolving into nothingness.

The hand drew back, and the portal widened. Then a massive head rose. The skin was dark, almost pitch black, and the hair was a messy pile of brown. Atop it was a simple headdress with a giant crescent moon on its side. Her eyes, like all Infernals, were a bright red. She rose higher, revealing a golden choker and the top half of what appeared to be a black gown.

She leaned forward and eyed him, smiling. Then she spoke, her voice surprisingly light, but filled with a rich undertone. "Ah. I see. The son of Cereza. This is a pleasant surprise."

Out of one ear, Bayonetta could hear Jeanne giving a running translation for Luka. She discreetly cocked her guns. "Is it really?"

The infernal turned her head to look at her. "And why would it not be? Is he not requesting a pact?"

"That depends entirely on you really being who you should be."

The Infernal smirked. "I am no Malicious, if that is what you are concerned of." She turned back to Harry. "Do you recognize me?"

Harry nodded and swallowed. In somewhat halting Enochian he said, "You are the Lady Astarte."

The Infernal's smile widened. "Madama Butterfly has spoken highly of your intelligence to me. I am pleased to see she was not mistaken."

Bayonetta's stance shifted into something slightly more relaxed. "She rarely is."

Astarte's massive head nodded once. "Just so." She rose higher, revealing her supposed gown to actually be a form of ancient toga. There was a light rustle, and a pair of gargantuan dove-like wings spread out behind her. She extended a hand, setting the bangles on her arm jingling. "So then little Umbra, will you make a pact with me? Will you trade me your soul in exchange for my wisdom and power?"

Harry swallowed nervously. Then he glanced back at Bayonetta. When she gave him an encouraging look he turned back to face Astarte, who was smiling indulgently. "I-" He coughed and tried again. "I do so hereby swear my soul to you, Lady Astarte."

She smile widened and she carefully picked him up. "So it has been decided, and so it shall be! You have a great future ahead of you little Umbra."

With that, she seemed to surge forward, melting and swirling about Harry in a riot of color and sound. His watch began to glow, and he rose into the air. There was a bang, and the colors exploded outward, throwing the room into sharp relief. They watched as Harry's shadow slowly began to warp, shifting into the shape of Lady Astarte.

Harry gasped as he began to fall. There was a moment of free-fall, then the wings of a dove burst from his back, flapping gently and slowing his descent. He landed somewhat heavily on the ground, looking winded. Bayonetta and Jeanne were at his sides in seconds.

As they hauled him up, the portal, which was still open, throbbed with arcane energy and widened immeasurably, rising off the ground to hover in front of them. There was a rustling sound, and Harry caught sight of something resembling a humanoid insect. It seemed to eye him for a moment before it spoke. To his surprise, it was in English. "Well done, young one." Then there was a crash, and the portal vanished.

After a moment, Luka spoke. "I didn't think they knew English."

Bayonetta finished helping Harry up. "They do, but they rarely choose to speak it. They seem to think its beneath them to speak like humans do." She turned to Harry. "But it spoke truly. Well done indeed."

Jeanne nodded. "Yes. Astarte is one of the older Infernals. Her siding with you speaks well of your talents."

"Is it normal to feel this tired?"

Bayonetta nodded. "It's the strain from them connecting. It'll vanish in a few days. You have some leeway until the contract fully kicks in."

"Can't carry out a contract without a weapon."

"Gah!" Luka leaped away as Rodin materialized from nowhere behind him. "Do you have to do that?!"

Rodin took a drag from his cigar. "Makes life more fun." He grinned. "Come on back to the Dump, kid. I got a little birthday present for ya."

Once they were back at the bar, Rodin laid a cloth covered box on the table. "For your pleasure, I present to you, Night at the Opera!" He whipped the cloth away to reveal four guns that were jet black in color and had a moon shaped gem hanging from their handles. "Here we have Dafne, Carmen, Seville, and Partenope."

Bayonetta licked her lips. "Why Rodin! You've outdone yourself!"

The weaponsmith grinned, his eyes shining red through his sunglasses. "Nothing but the best for you and yours, Bayonetta." He frowned slightly. "You'd probably put a bullet in me if I did any less."

She grinned. "You know me a little too well, Rodin."

Rodin chuckled and turned to Harry. "Take em out back and try em out kid. I even got you some targets."

Harry grinned and grabbed the guns, locking them into place and sprinted for the door. "Thanks Uncle Rodin!"

Jeanne sauntered after him. "I'll make sure he doesn't overdo it."

Luka watched the door for a second, then took a sip of the drink Rodin handed him. "So I was back in London again last week. Have you ever heard of a goblin?"

Bayonetta scoffed. "Very low ranking Infernal. Prefers to use money to give mortals trouble. Why?"

"Because I met one. It asked me to give this letter to "Lady Cereza of the Left Eye". Apparently they knew we work together."

Bayonetta frowned and took the proffered letter. She flipped it open and read aloud. "To the esteemed Lady Cereza of the Left Eye, greetings. We here at Gringotts Wizarding bank have been recently appraised of your adoption of one Harry James Potter by one of our field agents. We humbly request that you please make a trip to our American branch in Times Square, New York, to settle matters of estate in connection with Mister Potter. We give you our word as one Infernal to another that all matters shall be held in utmost secrecy. If you require directions, please send a request via the enclosed return envelope. Sincerely, Gornoll, Head Goblin of Gringotts Incorporated."

"Well, that was surprisingly polite, for an Infernal. Can you actually trust their word?"

"Goblins are always polite, unless they aren't, Chesire. I wasn't aware they had a bank however. Seems they've been branching out. And generally there's few Infernals you can trust, but a goblin always keeps their word. It's part of the reason humans trust them so much." She fished out the enclosed envelope, reading the address. "Main Offices, Gringotts Headquarters, London." She flipped it over and read a small note taped to the back. "Please give this to the nearest owl, and they will be happy to transport this letter. You may have to bribe them with food first however."

She grinned. "Looks like I have a trip to make that's actually aboveboard for once."

Rodin chuckled and took a sip of his own drink. "Don't tell me you're getting soft."

She sniffed. "Perish the thought Rodin!" She glanced at Luka. "I don't suppose you found out anything else while you were in London?"

"You mean besides the fact that the Goblin's think Dumbledore is more mad than anything else? There's a school for magic people up somewhere in Scotland. Apparently anyone without magic just sees a condemned building or something. Dumbledore's the headmaster."

Bayonetta made a noncommittal noise as she wrote something out and put it in the envelope. "And the name?"


Rodin raised an eyebrow. "Now that name brings back memories. Lot of angels getting killed back in the early days. They had their own Umbra bodyguard back then. Right up until they got called away during the witch hunts."

"And then they went down under."

"True enough." She sealed the envelope and headed for the back door. "I suppose we'll be off now. I suppose you're heading back out Cheshire?"

"Yeah. Back to London. Seems those rumors about Voldemort making a deal with a demon may not have been rumors. Hopefully I can find out. Tell Harry I said happy ninth, okay?"

She nodded and headed out to watch as Harry targeted and successfully blasted some captured Decorations Rodin had provided. Then she scowled. "Harry! Loosen your arms! I know I've told you holding a gun like that will just make you sore!"

Harry grinned and settled into something more natural looking.

Jeanne snorted. "You do realize he only switched to that when he heard you come out?"

Bayonetta rolled her eyes. "Cheeky little devil." But she ruffled his hair all the same.

You're an Umbran Harry! Ch5
My apologies for the delay. This chapter required a lot of research. So, Astarte. She's a goddess of fertility, motherhood, love, and war. By various accounts, she has either been cast down to hell (The bible refers to her as the abomination), always been there, or chose to go there. She has a lot of parallells with Harry in that respect, which is what led me to choose her. XrosaryX pointed out to me that all the known Umbra contract partners were insect based, but after watching Bloody Fate where Bayonetta's partner is implied to be Gomorroh, I'm left thinking that may be a feature of the Madamas, rather than any particular indicator of the Umbra.

Speaking of Madamas, Harry's guns are an Homage to Madama Butterfly, Who is herself named for an opera of the same name, as her description alludes to. While Carmen is well known, and Seville is short for the Barber of Seville, Dafne is the first opera ever, performed in Florence, and Partenope is the first opera written by an American born composer.

Also Madama Butterfly is a closet gossip, and the Goblins are not terribly enamored of Dumbledore.


The next day dawned strangely dark. Though she didn't say it, Jack could tell that Lady Palutena was worried. She kept casting glances at the sky and eventually retreated into a room of her temple that housed what appeared to be a giant crystal pool in an urn of sorts.

"Through this pool, I can watch over the entire world Jack." She smiled slightly. "It's how I found you." She frowned. "Now however, I can sense that something is wrong. Something is stirring, and I'm trying to find out what."

The pool shimmered and turned purple. Palutena took a step back in surprise. "You needn't look too far." The voice was dark and feminine.

Palutena's expression darkened. "Medusa!"

Jack leaned over the lip of the pool and caught sight of a very pale face with purple eyes sneering at them. The eyes narrowed when they spotted Jack, and the face drew back, revealing itself to be female. To Jack's surprise, the black hair was interspersed with snakes, one of them a bright gold.

"And just who might you be?" She sounded both wary and curious at the same time.

"Jack Frost, Madame Medusa."

Medusa blinked, looking somewhat nonplussed. Jack got the impression that she wasn't used to anyone giving her a title. After a moment she shook her head. "My quarrel is not with you. Stay out of the way and you won't get hurt."

Lady Palutena's eyebrows rose until they reached her hairline. "Sparing someone? That's not like you Medusa."

Medusa's lips thinned. "Let's just say it's nice to see someone who knows how to respect their betters."

Palutena's lips twitched, but she said, "And how are you back this time Medusa? Last I checked, Hades was in no shape to go about resurrecting people."

Medusa frowned. "It wasn't Hades, that much I'm sure of." She shook her head. "But the how doesn't matter!"

"And revenge does?" Palutena sounded slightly bored.

Medusa's smile was almost feral. "There's always a reason for revenge."

"Not a good one." Jack said quietly.

Medusa heard him however. "And what would you know about revenge, you skinny little twig?"

Jack felt himself smile slightly. "You think I haven't wanted revenge against anyone? Whoever it is camping out up there in the moon made me and dumped me on this planet with nothing more than a name. Of course I have resentment towards him. I even wanted revenge against him for a while, but I eventually realized it would have been pointless. What would that have got me?"

Medusa smirked. "Satisfaction."

Jack shrugged. "Somehow I don't think it would have lasted long."

The goddess eyed him. "Then that's your problem I suppose." Her attention returned to Palutena. "I rather thought you would know what was going on."

Palutena's lips pursed. "Believe me, if I had known, I would have done something about it." She eyed Medusa. "You really don't know who brought you back?"

The goddess shook her head, snakes swaying. "I only know it wasn't Hades. I checked the underworld. He's as gaseous as when you and Pit blasted him. The first thing I remember was a voice saying something about ice and the winds of change blowing in a new direction." She rolled her eyes. "Not exactly a lot to go on."

"I suppose not."

Jack leaned over the edge of the pool again. "Why did you contact us? It's obviously not to gloat."

Medusa's eyes narrowed. "What makes you think I did it for anything other than my own amusement?"

"You're not exactly laughing."

Medusa was silent for a moment. "I wanted a truce, however temporary." Jack watched Lady Palutena's mouth drop open. "I have no idea who revived me, but I refuse to play the decoy puppet in their schemes. Having Palutena track them down is worth the embarrassment of siding with her."

Lady Palutena's lips quirked up into a smile. "And why should I side with you?"

"Because the last time I was revived, the culprit created mass panic and worldwide chaos, and very nearly brought the heavens and earth crashing down."

Palutena grew serious at once. "Good point. It's a deal. It might be better if you come to Skyworld yourself. If someone's expecting you to attack us, then we'll be able to gain some time, and the element of surprise. Incidentally, who's been in charge of the underworld proper while Hades is out of commission?"

"Apparently the reapers. They've largely been the responsible parties for chivying souls back and forth, though they relinquished control to me upon my arrival. The alternative was Loki's daughter, and they evidently didn't feel Hel had had enough experience with the entirety of the underworld."

"A more likely reason is that she didn't want to. I suppose that rules out an underworld culprit. The reapers don't have the skill to revive a goddess, Thanatos isn't the type to try, and Hel's too easy going to make waves like that. Especially considering that I asked her to guard Hades remains."

"Which leaves an Overworld force."

"There's not many spirits or deities that would even attempt it, but it could just as easily been a human mage. There's still a few around, for all that everyone thinks they've died out."

"If it was a human, I'll rend their very soul to pieces." Her image vanished from the pool of liquid.

Lady Palutena sighed. Then she turned to Jack. "I had hoped you would never have to have an encounter with her. I thought her gone for good last time, but apparently someone likes to meddle."

"Who is she?"

"She is Medusa, Queen of the Underworld, and the Goddess of Darkness. And my sister."

"You two don't look anything alike."

Palutena smiled wanly, her eyes looking distant. "Long ago we did. We used to rule together, I the day and she the night. When we first came about, deities and spirits alike were either imprisoned or otherwise rendered powerless, and the world had been cloaked in hatred, fear, evil, and despair. "

"Together with Pit, we fought back against those forces. Working as one, the three of us, along with our forces, banished Weeping Night, the Spirit of Despair into a realm beyond that of ours and sealed him there. Pit himself slayed Risodante, the Spirit of Hatred in battle. The wounds he sustained from that battle are the reason he cannot fly without assistance. "

"We defeated Umber, the Spirit of Evil, and Medusa herself executed her, using her as an example of what would happen to those who would attempt to wreak havoc. Many thought it was a fitting end."

"What about Fear?"

Palutena shook her head. "With despair, hatred, and evil defeated, Gaia and Viridi were free. They took the fight straight to the master of fear, Pitch Black, the Nightmare King. After a vicious battle, they defeated him and forced him into hiding. These days, he's known as the Boogeyman."

"They didn't get rid of him?"

She frowned. "Fear is a universal constant. It's what makes children look both ways, what keeps them from touching a hot stove. It's what makes animals be wary of strangers. Fear is a necessity of life, and as such it cannot be destroyed." Palutena's lips pursed. "However, that doesn't mean the current wielder of it cannot be removed. In the case of Pitch Black, there were other forces at work."

"Other forces?"

Palutena grimaced. "It's a very long story, and I'll tell it to you soon, but the short answer is that Pitch Black is not entirely in control of himself. There's also the matter of the Guardians. These days, he's primarily their enemy."

"The Guardians?"

"A special group made up of four spirits. That's another story I'll tell you. At any rate, Medusa and I worked in harmony for many years. Unfortunately, Medusa began to turn against the humans, punishing them ever more viciously. Drying up their crops, visiting plagues upon them, turning them to stone, etcetera." She paused for a moment.

"In my anger I confronted her. After a fierce battle, I defeated her, and I transformed her into the image that I saw in heart, and banished her from skyworld. The face you saw today is a facade, an image she puts up."

"You transformed her?"

Lady Palutena sighed. "I was enraged, and wasn't thinking clearly. Looking back, I can't help but suspect that Hades may have been involved even then. Medusa certainly seemed to change overnight."


The former master of the underworld. He was the last one who revived Medusa. And he did it solely as a distraction to keep me busy so I wouldn't notice what he was up to. If someone is using that tactic again, then who knows what their end goal is."

She smiled grimly. "If that is the case however, I seriously doubt they ever expected Medusa to call a truce, which means we have an advantage, however slight."

The next day, Medusa arrived with fairly little fanfare on her part, but a great deal of panic from the centurions. Jack was irresistibly reminded of a flock of startled birds as every one of them launched themselves into the air.

Ignoring the numerous weapons pointed at her, Medusa turned her attention to Palutena and Pit, who were swiftly approaching. "I see you didn't inform them." She waved a hand to indicate the centurions.

"Stand down!" Palutena barked. When the centurions hesitated, she thumped her staff on the ground. "I said stand down! She's not our enemy!"

"For once." Pit muttered quietly.

Palutena shot him a glance, but otherwise ignored it. To Medusa she said, "Actually I did tell them. But evidently they thought I was joking." She sent the still armed centurions a rather stern look.

When they finally lowered their weapons, Medusa turned her attention to Jack. "You look…new."

Unsure how to respond to this, Jack remained silent.

Medusa swept closer, leaning down to stare him in the eyes. "You are a young one."

"Seventy, or thereabouts I think." Palutena supplied.

Medusa's eyes narrowed. "Winter?"

"According to the man in the moon, yeah." Jack said. "Never bothered to say anything else though."

"Somehow, I'm not surprised." Medusa said archly. "The Man in the Moon has always been a little less than excellent." With that, she swept off, following Palutena into her temple.

Pit wandered up next to him. "Sounds kinda like she actually approves of you."

"Yeah, I sort of caught that myself. What did she mean about the moon being "less than excellent"?"

Pit shrugged. "If she ever knew the man in the moon, then it's news to me. Lady Palutena and I almost never even speak with him, though I think that has more to do with him than anything else." He frowned. "Either way, I don't like having Medusa here, even if she does seem more…laid back." He shrugged again. "I guess being destroyed three times gives you some perspective for when it's your fourth time around."


"Yeah. The last two were because of Hades."

"Lady Palutena mentioned him earlier. Who was he?"

"The god of the underworld. He revived her once as distraction, and I don't know why he did it a second time, but it backfired then. Hades was about to destroy me when Medusa showed up out of nowhere and punched his head off. Said she wouldn't play the puppet any longer."

"She punched his head off?"

Pit nodded as they headed back towards the temple. "Yeah. Lady Palutena said she got an A for vindictive tenacity. Even then it wasn't enough. Hades grew a new head and destroyed her. Said she'd worn out her usefulness." He shook his head. "Usefulness to him maybe. Her attack bought Lady Palutena enough time to come up with a plan, and gave Viridi the chance to get me into the air. I'm starting to think that was Medusa's plan. She had to know she wouldn't be able to hold Hades off for very long."

"Hades sounds like he must have been powerful."

"Very. He caused decimation on a global scale, and disrupted the balance of life so badly that it took his own destruction to set things right. And he did it purely because he was greedy. If it hadn't been for Medusa, I'm not sure we would have won."

Mulling this over, Jack followed Pit into the temple.

Dinner with Medusa as a guest was just as interesting as breakfast with Viridi had been. Shortly after she had been served a rather raw looking steak by a very nervous centurion, she started giving Jack some strangely searching looks that made Jack feel as if he was being looked through rather than at.

After a few minutes of this she spoke. "Man in the Moon isn't the only responsible party is he?"

Since he had no idea what she was asking, Jack was glad that it was Palutena that answered. "Viridi and I are fairly certain that Gaea is the main force behind it. Viridi is out searching for her as we speak. She said she'll contact us as soon as she gets things figured out."

Medusa frowned. "That might take a while. Gaea is a…elusive being."

Palutena nodded. "Viridi seemed confident she could find her very quickly."

Jack blinked, remembering something. "When you first contacted us, you said a voice told you about the winds of change. Was it the Man in the Moon speaking to you?"

To his surprise, Medusa actually burst out into a full-fledged laugh. It was rich and melodious, and completely at odds with her former behavior. As she settled back, Jack saw a real unguarded smile. It seemed to transform her entire face, and for a moment, Jack was forcibly reminded of Lady Palutena.

When she managed to control herself, Medusa shook her head, still smiling. "It wasn't him that much I'm certain of. We never exactly got on."

Lady Palutena leaned forward, looking interested. "I didn't realize you had any contact with him."

Medusa pulled a face, the snakes on her head hissing. "Contact is a bit of a strong description. Tsar Lunar's idea of recent is something like centuries. Back in the early days, we both viewed ourselves as guardians of the night. That being the case, we had our differences. Eventually, Lunar started focusing more and more exclusively on children, though he still kept an eye on the world, for all the good that did. He certainly never interfered in any of our tiffs."

Jack took a careful sip of his soup and found it to be quite pleasant. "But you came before him didn't you? That was the impression I got." When Medusa looked puzzled he said, "Lady Palutena told me that you three fought to free the world when you first came around."

Her expression cleared at this. "Ah. Yes, we did. Lunar was already here however. He and Pitch Black arrived at roughly the same time. That being said, Lunar either didn't know what to do, or wasn't old enough to do it. He essentially grew up in his observatory up there. Which is why it ended up being Viridi and Gaea who actually forced Pitch Black from power that first time. No one else really had the strength to do it. Fear is a powerful foe."

That night, Jack had a particularly nasty dream. Fire and screaming raced through his mind like lightning. He jerked awake to find that he himself had been screaming.

Lady Palutena had evidently heard him as well. She swept in, looking more than a little concerned. "Are you alright Jack?" Medusa was behind her, looking around the room with a strangely suspicious expression.

"I- I think so. It was all fire and screams."

"A lost memory perhaps."

Jack shook his head. "I don't remember anything like that. I usually stay away from fire after the whole bonfire incident."

Palutena's lips twisted. "I suspect there's a story involved in that. The word "Incident" usually gives it away."

"There was something else too, something dark and nasty."

Medusa suddenly made a snatching motion over in one corner. "Nasty is right."

Palutena turned from her spot at the foot of Jack's bed. "A fearling."

Jack felt his dinner trying to come up as he saw the squirming, ink like shadow that was caught in Medusa's clawed hand. "What is that?"

Medusa squeezed her hand and thing gave out a high pitched shriek and exploded into nothingness. "A fearling, though a weak one. They spread nightmares and fear." Her eyes narrowed. "They are agents of Pitch Black."

Palutena raised a finger. "That's not entirely accurate you know."

Medusa shrugged. "It seems easier to understand than them being agents of each other." She turned to Jack, who was watching her, wide-eyed. "That being said I am the true ruler of darkness, and all it entails. Weak little creatures of the dark such as them have no power against me. Dreams, sweet or vicious are of little effort for me." She traced a symbol of some kind in the air over the bed. "Sleep well, and rest easy in dreams of peace."

She swept out. Palutena was silent for a moment before saying. "I do believe you've won her over, Jack." She smiled at him. "It's heartening to see signs of Medusa as she was so long ago. I think you can probably bring out the good in her that's been hidden away for so long."

She too left and Jack quickly fell into a sleep that was filled with warm and comforting darkness, and light, shining gently down from above.

Child of light 4: Medusa
Hoo boy! This took a while to write. Medusa is a very tough character to write, and I had to go back and re-listen to her scenes before I felt I had a good handle on her. She is most definately the type to look out for her own interests first, even if it would mean siding with Palutena. She also seems to be the sort of thing that could easily deal with a fearling, as they would technically roam in her domain, and darkness is a pretty wide description. As for the bit about Pit's wings, I was fairly certain that Palutena's explanation that they "just don't work right" was hiding something.

I think we can all guess who's going to appear next btw :)


"Happy Birthday darling!" Bayonetta set the large cake that Enzo's wife had made down on the table, the giant candle in the shape of the number five blazing merrily. "Blow out the candle and make a wish!"

Jeanne, Luka, Enzo, and Bayonetta all clapped as the flame blew out. Harry laughed as a camera flash went off. "Aunt Jeanne!"

Jeanne giggled and waved the camera about. "Sorry sweetie! Have to have a picture of the birthday boy on his birthday, its tradition!"

Bayonetta glanced at the other three photos on the wall. The one for his second birthday depicted a rather large mess with a hugely grinning baby in a high-chair. Harry had still been at the stage where food was both a toy and nourishment. The resultant explosion of cake and other foods had taken several hours to clean up, though only because Jeanne had started a full-fledged food fight. Luka had proved to be a fairly good shot. The other two pictures were much less messy, and more traditional.

Luka cut the cake and started serving pieces. "And one nice big one for the birthday boy."

"Thanks, Mister Chess."

Bayonetta tried and failed to suppress a smirk. Much to Luka's chagrin, Harry had picked up on her often used nickname for the journalist. Unfortunately, he had done so shortly after learning how to speak, and thus was unable to say the full "Cheshire". He had therefore settled for "Mister Chess", after some coaxing from Jeanne, who found the entire thing hilarious.

Luka liked to refer Jeanne as the "Master Instigator."

"Fantastic cake of Clarissa's Enzo. Pity she couldn't be here."

The round man huffed. "Yeah. She wanted to, but Ed and Edna had the flu. Those two share everything."

When Harry finished his cake, Bayonetta produced a small box from one of the cabinets. "I have a very special present for you this year Harry!"

The five year old looked up from his plate. "What is it mommy?"

Bayonetta smiled and held out the box. "It's something very important, and the first step towards being an Umbra."

Harry carefully opened the box and pulled out what appeared to be a large shiny disc of white metal with a small emerald set in it. "What's this?"

"An Umbran watch darling." Bayonetta pressed a button, popping the lid open, revealing the face, and the crescent moon shaped emeralds set in a ring around it.

She produced a chain and threaded it through a slot in the back. "Your Aunt Jeanne and I crafted it. Never take it off and always take good care of it."

Harry nodded and grinned as she slipped it around his neck. "Yes Mommy." She ruffled his hair as Jeanne and Luka started bringing in the rest of the presents.

"Good boy. Now open the rest." She smirked as he started tearing into presents.

Luka waved her over as Harry was exclaiming over the new storybooks Enzo had gotten him.

"I must admit, I didn't think you'd make it here today Cheshire."

He waved it off. "Like I was going to miss the kid's party. I caught a red-eye flight." He set the remainder of his cake on the ground, watching as the Chain Chomp ate it, paper plate and all. "That thing will never fail to disturb me somehow." He shook his head. "Anyways, I may have found out who that Voldemort character is."

This caught her attention. "And?"

"Apparently he's the wand users' version of the boogeyman. You so much as say the name and they freak, spill food all over themselves, you get the idea. Turns out he terrorized most of Britain, and England in general a few years back. He was eventually stopped when a spell he cast n Harry backfired on him, killing him."

He leaned forward. "That's not the most interesting part though. Some rumors say he made a deal with a demon."

Jeanne appeared at his shoulder. "Which one?"

Luka shook his head. "Like I said, it's just a rumor. If it is true, no one knows which one it was. All I know for sure is that he was after Harry there. No one knows why though."

They watched as Harry neatly wrangled Enzo into reading from the books. They were quiet for a moment, watching the portly man begin reading The Wizard of Oz.

After a moment, Bayonetta smiled. "Wrapped around his finger already. Such a quick study."

Jeanne snorted. "As if that's difficult. Enzo loves kids."

"True enough. Still, it's a good start. He's getting there with Rodin too."

"Where is he anyway?" Jeanne asked as she passed around wine.

Luka took the glass she handed him. "Poking around Greece for his latest weapon project. He left his present to Harry with me. It's that box that looks like a chess board. He made him some angel action figures, or something like that. Said it's never too early to learn his targets."

Bayonetta grinned as she passed Enzo a can of beer. "Now that's certainly true. How did you find out about Voldemort?"

Luka pulled out a pair of glasses with three stars on the bridge. "Rodin's glasses do more than just let me see into Purgatorio apparently." He swung them idly. "Turns out there's this cute little pub in London that people without magic can't see. It's called the Leaky Cauldron."

Both Bayonetta and Jeanne snorted.

Luka ignored this. "Definitely a magic place. Nothing like the stuff you two do though."

Jeanne made a face at him. "There's a reason we call ourselves the last of the Umbra you know."

Luka grinned. "Yeah, I know, no giant, vicious, Infernals."

Bayonetta sniffed. "I'll have you know Madama Butterfly likes him."

Luka rolled his eyes. "I suspect Madama Butterfly likes him because you do, not because of his own merits."

"She gave him a lollipop."

Luka blinked. "Well, ok. That puts a different spin on things."

Jeanne snorted. "Madama Styx likes him too, though she's less attached than I am."

"I'm surprised he didn't freak out when they were summoned."

Bayonetta waved a hand. "Frankly, I'm not. He adored my panther and crow forms the first time he saw them."

Luka shook his head. "Stop sidetracking me you two!" He pulled out a sheaf of paper and waved it around. "What the Leaky Cauldron did have, was this." He handed the sheaf of paper to Bayonetta.

She flipped it over and discovered it was a newspaper. To her surprise, the front page had pictures that were actually in motion. "Verdict reached on Longbottom Torture case." She stared at the snarling faces on the front page for a moment.

Jeanne grinned. "The Daily Prophet? Sounds a little high handed."

Luka shrugged and held up an oversized golden coin. "Apparently they pay for it and everything else with these. They call it a Galleon." He turned it over. "I think it's made from real gold. There's apparently other coins too."

Bayonetta shook her head. "I think I prefer halos and cash."

"You would."

They watched the book reading for another moment. Finally, Bayonetta smirked. "Tomorrow is when things start to get tough. We'll have to start his training."

"How much training can you do before he makes a contract?"

"Some. Umbran flexibility training for one. I can also teach him the basics of the Witch Walk." She paused and added, "And how to shoot. That's a must. I know Rodin has some training guns stashed away somewhere, I'll have to ask him when he gets back.

"Don't you need a contract to Witch Walk?"

"Yes, but it doesn't mean I can't take him on one."

Luka grinned. "I bet that'll go over well. I think you two are a bad influence."

Jeanne grinned and raised her glass in a toast "Hear, hear!"

Luka rolled his eyes. "Right. Anyway, I heard about Dumbledore there too. Seems his name comes up regularly in the paper, among other things. From what I hear, he was responsible for Harry showing up on that doorstep. Any question he's asked about Harry usually ends with something to the effect of, "Mister Potter is safe and with family". Accurate, if partially uninformed." He glanced at Bayonetta. "Does he actually know Harry is here?"

She pursed her lips. "If he does, he's certainly never attempted to contact me. Apparently, it's never been the "appropriate time". Just as well for him I suppose."

"What, you want to pummel him with Madama Butterfly?"

"Well, yes. But that's really something that Harry should do with his own contract partner."

"How does the whole contract thing work anyway?"

"Not all Infernals want to make you suffer for eternity you know. Harry'll be old enough to summon for himself in a few years. You're around us enough that you qualify as a viable witness, so you can watch for yourself."

"Looking forward to it."

The three of them clinked their wine glasses together and grinned.

You're an Umbran Harry! Ch 4
More Headcanon time! I always figured that the Umbra contract was a supervised affair, given the nature of the event.

As for Madma Butterfly, she seems quite attached to Bayonetta, as she helps out wholeheartedly with the destruction of Alruane's lair, given that the two have never met, and even fist bumps Bayonetta when going up against another infernal. Bottom line, she evidently has a soft spot for Bayonetta and her kin, perhaps from long association with her.

Clarissa is my name for Enzo's wife, as she's not named in the games.

Next chapter is Harry's contract, so look forward to it!


“Hey.” Luka’s friendly greeting meant one of two things. Either he had had all the facts calmly explained to him, or he was too frightened of Rodin to protest. Given Rodin’s usual less than talkative demeanor, Bayonetta was betting on the latter. “This the kid you stole?”

Inwardly Bayonetta sighed. Definitely the latter then. Aloud, she said. “I didn’t steal anything. This time anyway. He was freely given.”

“Uh huh. How much of that was from you being intimidating?”

She shrugged. “Not much. His aunt seemed quite glad to be rid of him.”

“Rodin said he’s got someone else’s soul in him.”

She nodded and put Harry down on her lap, handing him one of the new toys she had bought, a large stuffed cat. Harry cooed happily and enthusiastically began to chew on one large ear. Smiling, she said, “That’s why we’re here today. Rodin seemed confident he could remove it.”

“I know I can baby.” Rodin appeared out of thin air behind the bar, and proceeded to toss back a goblet full of something rose colored that was smoking slightly. Slamming the empty container back on the counter, he wiped his mouth. “Seems your friends downstairs were pretty pleased with all the angels you sent their way. Made them a little more talkative.”


“Apparently the folks in Paradiso were up in arms because there was an upheaval in power, and they weren’t the ones to do it. Inferno is angry because they weren’t able to get their piece of the action. Basically no one won.”

“So that mess the other day was a pissing contest between the trinity?”

Rodin nodded and picked up Harry, cat and all, placing him on the counter. “Pretty much. Earth just got caught in the middle as usual, since its native powerhouses prefer to remain neutral.” He stared down at Harry. “Now let’s see about getting this other soul out of you.”

Harry looked up at him and seemed to twitch for a second, then he started chewing on his cat again, though he kept shooting glances at Rodin. As this was a typical reaction to concentrated attention from Rodin from people of all ages, Bayonetta wasn’t terribly concerned. She still put a hand on his back, however, rubbing it in circles.

Rodin ruffled his hair. “Promise it won’t hurt.” Under his breath he added, “If I can help it.” This seemed to calm Harry, and he watched with interest as Rodin started setting up tools, though Bayonetta was willing to bet that it was simply because they were shiny.

“Speaking of the other day.” Luka tossed Bayonetta a newspaper. “I had a stopover in London this morning on my way back from Sri-Lanka. That you’re handiwork?”

She frowned and read aloud, “Manhunt continues for killer of wealthy industrialist.”

Flipping the paper open, she continued. “The hunt is on for the killer of industrialist Johnathon Edgecombe, who was found dead in Surrey the morning after Halloween. His wife called law enforcement after her husband failed to return from a costume party the night before. Police say he was still in costume, consisting of black robes and a white mask, at the time of murder. According to forensics, the assailant shot Mister Edgecombe in the face at what appears to be point blank range. Anyone with information should inform their local law enforcement, a reward is being offered for valid information. Longtime family friend Lucius Malfoy was unavailable for comment.”

She tossed the newspaper back. “Judging by the description, I’d say that’s the man I killed, yes.”

Luka frowned. “Since when do you go after humans? They’re aren’t exactly your usual angelic fare.”

Bayonetta watched as Rodin’s equipment began to glow, creating a mystical sigil with Harry in the center. “He was tracking the little one while we were in Purgatorio. Apparently he served a master who wanted him dead.”

Luka blinked. “Wants him dead?! How old is the kid?”

“A little over a year, according to the letter that he was left on a doorstep with.”

Luka’s expression turned thunderous, but before he could say anything, Rodin made a pleased noise. “Got ya now.” He was making peculiar motions with a metal stick that was engraved in something written in Enochian. Something black as night was being pulled from Harry’s scar, appearing to fight every single step of it.”

Luka looked sick. “What the hell is that?!”

Sucking the cloud of darkness into a vessel, Rodin sat back, looking somewhat winded. “That was the other soul. Nasty piece of work. Powerful too.”

“Planning on making a weapon with it?”

Rodin grinned. “We’ll see. If I can beef it up, then definitely. It’s fragmented somehow, like it’s only a piece. If nothing else, I can make it into his first guns for you.”

Luka waved his hands. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You-“ he pointed at Bayonetta, “-are raising him?!”

She eyed him. “I fail to see how it’s any of your concern. He’ll be wanted, well fed, and the Chain Chomp likes him, so he’ll have a good pet.”

Luka drew his feet up reflexively as said creature bounced near, barking lowly. “From what you’ve told me, the Chain Chomp likes anything that can’t get away. I was thinking more about him being condemned to Inferno, actually.”

Bayonetta sniffed. “That soul Rodin just extracted had already marked him for Inferno. I like to think I can give him a much better turn up here.” She scowled, making Luka inch back on his stool and nearly fall off. “Besides, it’s a damn sight better than anything those fools who left him with had planned. They dropped him on a doorstep with a note and left! It was hours before the household woke up, but they didn’t even hang around to make sure he survived the night!”

Luka held his hands up in a placating gesture. “Okay! I’m curious though, can men learn the Umbran Arts?”

“It’s not common, but it has happened.” Luka cursed and spun as Jeanne seemed to appear behind him. “This would make Harry the…fourth. I think.” She accepted a goblet of wine from Rodin. “Usually it only happens when an Umbra Witch has a male child, which was fairly uncommon. We’re predisposed towards having girls.”

Luka appeared to file this away. “So it’s possible.” He glanced at Bayonetta. “You said something about a letter.”

Bayonetta nodded and handed it over. “I thought you’d ask to see it Chesire. Everyone else has.”

“Not a cat.” Luka mumbled. Then he flipped the note open and read aloud. “Dear Mrs. Dursley, This is your nephew, Harry James Potter, born the thirty first of last July. I regret to inform you of the passing of your sister, Lily, and her husband, James. They were killed at the hands of Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard that has, until tonight, plagued our world. I humbly ask that you please take in and care for your nephew, as you are the only family he has left now. We have placed an enchantment around your house that will protect both you and him, from the followers of Voldemort so long as he stays. This enchantment shall remain until he reaches the age of majority. I cannot stress enough the dangers of the world to child who cannot yet defend himself, and hope that you have the heart to take him in. We shall contact you again at the appropriate time. Yours sincerely, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.”

He was silent for a moment. Eventually he said, “I suppose he didn’t really give her an option, did he?” He looked at the letter for a moment. “This kind of reads like a form letter, except for wizards apparently.”

Jeanne snapped her fingers “That’s what this was reminding me of. There’s a bunch of magic workers that use wands. Survived the witch hunts by laying low.”

Bayonetta sniffed. “Wands? How very archaic.” At Luka’s confused glance, she elaborated. “We Umbra stopped using wands centuries before the witch hunts. They were too much of a liability.”

Jeanne frowned. “This Lord Voldemort seems recent. I’ll have to do some digging. I know the wand users had a foothold in Eastern Europe, might as well start there.”

“We’ll need to make a trip to Vigrid anyway.” When everyone but Harry stared at her, Bayonetta smirked. “He needs an Umbran Watch, and some of those parts can only be found in Vigrid.”

“Leave that to me.” Jeanne said. “It’ll be better if he has a new one, and I know what it needs.”

Luka hopped off the barstool, dodging an attempted nibble from the Chain Chomp. “If you can give me some tips, I’ll start looking into these wand users. Odds are good they aren’t as well hidden as they like to think.”

Rodin sighed as the two of them headed out of the bar, chattering. He sighed again and rescued one of his tools from Harry’s grasp, replacing it with the cat. Harry seemed perfectly content with this, and happily began chewing on it again. “You’re gonna have one hell of a childhood kid.”

Harry just burbled and chewed harder on the cat’s ear.

You're an Umbran Harry! ch3
Chapter 3! Headcanon time. Umbra witches stopped with wands since losing them in battle would be a huge liability, and trained their way out of needing them, thus using their hair as conduits. Also, Rodins speech about Earth's powerhouses remaining neutral is very true, since that's precisely what Aesir did, until Loptr gained power that is. The Chain Chomp falls into this category of Earth residents as it is the only one of Bayonetta's weapons explicitly stated to have been found, In Japan, rather than being demonic in origin.

Enochian is widely accepted to be the language Infernals and Paradisians speak. Bayonetta and Jeanne can understand it, and the Umbran Elder was shown to speak it frequently. Also I personally think it possible that some males would have been taught Umbran arts, since they didn't want to upset the balance, and even as an outcast, Bayonetta learned Umbran Arts she technically wasn't supposed to.

Starting with next chapter we will begin moving forward in time, so look forward to that!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

It was a few minutes into her walk to the rendezvous that Bayonetta realized someone was following them. "Now who's sneaking around?"

The culprit was fairly easy to spot. A tall, robed person was striding about with a stick, which was pointed unerringly at them. He kept waving it every few seconds.

"Well now, we can't have that!" She traced a circle on the ground with one foot and placed Harry inside as a barrier sprang up. "Stay here little one. I'll be back soon." She stepped back and tapped her feet to the ground, cocking Toccata and Nocturne. Then she opened a gate out of Purgatorio and launched herself forward.

Outside of Purgatorio, the man resolved into a tall figure in jet black robes with a stark white mask. He raised his stick and started to shout something, pointing it like a weapon. She could see a glow beginning to form on the tip, and she transitioned into a roll, activating witch time and causing the jet of red light to go wide, as time seemed to slow to a crawl. She came up and launched a kick that sent the stick spinning out of his hand into the night. Then she brought her foot down in a stomp, summoning Madama Butterfly's foot through a portal and bringing the man crashing to the pavement.

He groaned and rolled over as she placed a foot to his head, Nocturne's barrel aimed at his face. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

Bayonetta just pressed her foot down harder. "I think I should be asking you that. Not many people can track me when I'm in Purgatorio."

The man shoved uselessly at her foot. "I wasn't after you! I don't even know who you are! I was after the Potter's spawn! The Dark Lord wants him dead!"

Potter…Her mind flashed back to the letter. That was Harry's last name if she remembered it correctly. Well, no sense taking chances, she thought. "In that case I'm afraid that makes me your enemy. Say goodnight and do give Inferno my regards." The man let out a shout as she shoved her foot, discharging the gun and shattering the mask along with his face. She waited until he stopped moving before producing a handkerchief and cleaning off the blood.

Throwing the ruined scrap away she sighed. "This is why I prefer killing angels. Everything dissolves when they die." She traced a sigil and stepped back into Purgatorio. Picking Harry back up, she frowned. "From the sounds of things, the sooner we get you out of here little one, the better."

Harry just burbled something at her and blinked.

Bayonetta smiled and adjusted her grip before hurrying back towards the rendezvous.

To her surprise, Enzo wasn't alone at the plane. Rodin himself was there, looking somewhat harassed.

"Tell me you got something figured out baby." Then he spotted her cargo. "What the hell is that?"

Bayonetta smirked. "Funny you should say baby. I've…acquired a little one of my own."

The cigar dropped from Enzo's mouth. "You?! A mother?!" The portly man shuddered and picked it back up. "Fuck. That gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it!"

Bayonetta ignored him. "One of the angels said that the balance of power has shifted, and that the chosen is corrupted."

Rodin's face twitched, ever so slightly. "Beautiful."

"I don't think this is like when Da-Balder died. There were a lot of angels flying about, but none of them were very high ranking." She paused. "And I ended up killing a human. He was tracking the little one somehow while we were in Purgatorio."

At this, Rodin looked more closely. "There's something different about him. Someone's rammed their soul into him. Someone strong. Whatever's in there ain't a run of the mill demon soul."

Enzo grinned as Harry blinked up at him. Cigar twisting sideways he tickled the baby, grin widening as he laughed. "Eh whatever, cute little fucker, ain't he?"

Bayonetta gave him a look. "Of course he is."

Noting the possessiveness, Enzo backed away.

Rodin frowned as he caught sight of the baby's scar. "Bayonetta…That ain't a normal mark. It's got something nasty in it, something to do with the other soul. And it's gonna send him straight to Inferno."

Even Enzo froze. "You're fucking kidding right?!" He waved a hand around. "He's barely a year old, if that!"

Rodin shook his head. "Speaking as a former resident of Paradiso, I can tell you it won't matter to them. He'll never get taken up there. The Infernals might not take him right away, but it'd be a damn sight better there than being forced to wander around Purgatorio for all eternity."

Enzo eyed Bayonetta. "And I thought you had bad luck! This poor kid's been fucked over before he can even make a choice!"

Bayonetta eyed him before taking Harry back from Rodin and cradling him in one arm. "Well then, we'll just have to see to it that he gets a proper turn up here. Purgatorio is not the sort of place one should wander about in for very long. You stay there for too long, and you'll really lose your way." She looked at Rodin. "There's nothing you can do?"

Rodin shook his head and blew out a cloud of smoke. "I will get the other soul out, I want to tinker with it. But that won't change the fact that he's been marked."

Bayonetta hissed out a curse. "Wonderful." She turned and jumped into the plane. "Come Enzo. We should get home and do some baby shopping."

Enzo grumbled something but got into the pilot seat. "You and your fucking ideas."

He yelped when she pinched his ear. "Come now Enzo, enough of the language. There are delicate ears aboard."

"Bayonetta." She glanced up as Rodin threw his cigar away. "You get to explain this to Jeanne."

She smirked. Ignoring Enzo's muttered expletives, she said, "Leave it to me."

As turned out, Jeanne was relatively easy to convince. Once she was sure the child hadn't been outright stolen, at any rate. "Cereza!" She sounded scandalized. "You kidnapped a child?!"

Bayonetta clutched at Harry. "Of course not!" She pouted. "I wanted him, and his aunt didn't. She was more than happy to give him up."

Jeanne tossed her head, looking exasperated. "You make it sound more like you found a puppy somewhere, rather than a child." She eyed the tower of boxes that was being carried by a puffing Enzo. Deftly catching one that slid off the top, she tossed it in one hand. "Rodin made it sound worse than it was, I suppose. And how did you even find him?"

Bayonetta tossed her head, readjusting her rose laden hat. "I spent the night killing angels, and watched him get left on a doorstep."

Jeanne paused. "A doorstep."

"With a note."

"A note?" She took the proffered item and read it, her expression slowly growing blanker. Finally she handed it back. "Given the options, I can see why you did it. What's that made out of anyway?"

"Parchment. Odd thing for someone to be writing on."

Jeanne made a face. "That seems familiar, but for the life of me I can't remember why." She flung the box back on top of the pile. "We'll meet back at the house then. I'll help you with the paperwork."

"So you agree."

"From what Rodin told me, he's better off with us. Has he taken the other soul out yet?"

"It's on the agenda." She shifted Harry to her other arm, grinning as he watched Jeanne's hair sway. "Rodin says that the sooner it's done, the better, before it has a chance to properly settle in."

Jeanne shrugged. "He's the weapon smith. I suppose he should know."

Bayonetta's lips twisted. "The actual process is a lot less romantic than it looks, believe me." She frowned. "Right now I'm more concerned about Luka. He's dropping by the Gates of Hell tomorrow. I'm not even sure how to begin to explain things to him."

"Leave it to Rodin."

Bayonetta turned and eyed the walking mountain of boxes. "Why Enzo, that's the most sensible thing you've said all day."

"Yeah, yeah." He grumbled. "We done here? If I miss dinner, the wife's gonna let me have it!"

"One last stop." She promised. To Jeanne she said, "I'll see you tonight then. I don't suppose you can talk Rodin into dealing with Luka?" She gave Jeanne a pleading look.

Jeanne rolled her eyes. "I can try. Fine. I was going there for a drink anyway. The things I do for you Cereza."

She sauntered off, leaving Bayonetta to guide Enzo into another shop.

Stumbling over the threshold and dropping a few boxes, he shouted, "You two witches are real pieces of work, you know that!"

You're an Umbran Harry! ch 2
Chapter 2! tentatively flagged mature for the language and the dead death eater
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I work in retail. Those of you who know me and where i work, (You know who you are) will not be surprised that once again, something unusual happened there today.

It seems that both my best and worst memories tend to have their footholds there.

Today's was certainly not a good one, but I wouldn't rank it as bad either exactly. We'll go with food for thought.

A customer happened to see a gay couple at the store kiss.

I myself am not a big fan of PDA, though this was quite tame. Thus, aside from perhaps a token expression, I pretty much ignored it. (Which I would have anyway. I'm not the type to come up and air my opinion to perfect strangers about their behavior when its something as simple as a little kiss.)

The customer however, must have seen my expression, because she remarked to me, "Those Gay and Bisexual demons have no place in God's world." Apparently she was under the entirely mistaken impression she was speaking to a kindred spirit. (And also had no idea I worked there, I no longer need to dress the part when not on the clock.)

I like to consider myself fairly even tempered. Easy enough to aggravate, (Who isn't one way or another?) but slow to truly infuriate. But I have to admit, that statement struck a nerve.

I responded with, "And yet they are allowed to be born, exist, have sex, have children, and make families without being smited by a bolt out of the heavens."

The customer responded, "They are guarded by Satan's might."

"Are you really trying to tell me that you think Satan is mightier than God?"

Things degenerated after that (On her end) and I just walked away.

It did give me pause, that in this day and age, where Love and Tolerance are supposedly the words of the future, that there can exist such a level of hatred amongst us for one of our own kind. Whatever we do, we are still human beings, unless something changed recently that I'm not aware of. Whatever we have dangling betwixt our legs (or not) doesn't change that.

It is in our nature to leave the family we grew up with to start our own. What difference does it make if it's with another man or woman? If we're happy with who we are and what we have, that's all that really matters, or so I've always thought.

Honestly people, we're stuck on this planet together anyway, let's try to get along. Something tells me that's all the big man up there isreally trying to get us to do.


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I am also an administrator on the site Potions and, a Harry/Snape Gen fiction archive, which focuses on the non slash relationships between the two.
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